Post #0 : Mister Magermans, get us underway.

Ahoy, buccaneers. 

Welcome on our ship.

Embark with us for an exciting journey across the tumultuous sea of game development.  The destination ?  The glorious shores of our first commercial game's release.

The crew

  • Mr Magermans : 2D artist and art director
  • Mr Claes : 3D artis and Unity integrator
  • Mr Jopart (@ajopart) : Game designer and developer

The game

Let us introduce the concept behind Shipwreckers. This fast paced arcade game gives  the control of your very own pirates ships in fearless combats against deadly foes and legendary sea monsters on floating atolls. Fight for your life and for some loot, upgrade your ship with crazy weapons. Die a lot, come back for more. Throw your anchor in the face of your enemies and cover the abyss with their wreck. Aaargg ! 

Be part of the development community.

You liked the demo ?  Good, tell us. You didn't like the demo ? Better. Come tell us what we need to change. Be part of the development. Don't hesitate to follow us on our official websiteFacebook and Twitter for fresh info and to chat with us.

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