Update #3: From the dark and obscure depths.

It comes from the dark and obscure depths.

Dear Landlubbers, how are you ? Today is Friday, and as every Friday, see what we added in Shipbreakers.

What's new in this update? 

A new foe has been added to Shipbreakers : the shark. This sneaky fellow hides in the water, totally untouchable, waiting for its moment to strike. As soon as a loot box is dropped, it will rush to the chest and nothing will dare stand in its way. Be quick to shoot it.

STILL IN BETA - The homing missile system is now operational. Keep LB pushed to activate the aiming system and release it to fire the missiles to the targets previously locked.

STILL IN BETA - Click the Left Stick to use the dash.

See you on Monday for a status report on the development and the next milestones.

Great weekend to all.


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Jan 26, 2018

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